"One finger 3D roguelike game" that based to the Rogue that is the original of computer RPG!

** This game is a 3D roguelike game that is based on the "Rogue Clone II".
While inheriting the Rogue original difficulty and rules, it has to that view of the world that has been expressed in 3D equipped with a UI that can be easily operated with the thumb one.
To such a Rogue fan who feel the catharsis what to thrill that  such as survive a lot of pinch, than get high scores or to be completed game also.
** "Unity-chan" x "Rogue"
Becomes clear the game when get the "Sweets recipe" and return from the "Strange tower" by operating the "Unity-chan". 
Either "Sweets Collection" will be unlocked when return from the tower.
(recipe number to obtain might be duplicates)
Let get all of the 50 recipes to raise the Unity-chan's girliness!
"Hard mode" is obtain the sweets recipe that appear on the 25th floor or higher, when brought back from the tower becomes complete the game.
"Easy mode" is appear the recipe on the 5th floor or higher, and can play in a short time.
"Normal mode" is appear the recipe on the 10th floor or higher.
Please aimed at the high score challenge to Hard mode to approach the original Rogue's difficulty!
(The score ranking is only hard mode in Leaderboard)
** Although the game is a roguelike game that is based on the rule of "Rogue Clone II", but there are some big differences.
- Orientation are four direction (no diagonal)
- Bow is not present as an item. Able to shoot the arrow at any time if there is a number of remaining.
- Arrow will not enter the item box. Able to have maximum 99 arrows.
- In the number of the room up to 3x3 without, it has become widely complexity
- Hidden room does not exist
- Not go down to the under ground, climb the tower.
- etc.

** license notes
- BGM Material: Maoh-damashii
- The contents are developed under "Unity-chan Licence"


!! Requires Android4.2+ !!

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